Why I Turned Down A Potential Acquisition Offer

On Monday April 5th, 2021 I received an email from the Head of Acquisitions for Dan Martell. Simply put, Podtrics made the list of products that they were interested in potentially acquiring. This struck me as interesting for a couple reasons. One, Podtrics is not even publicly available yet. The only thing that you can do on the website is join a waitlist to be notified when Podtrics becomes available. Secondly, I am currently a senior in college. I have not even graduated yet! While I am set to graduate this December 2021, I find it super interesting that before the product is ready and before I have even graduated, I received an email from a person who is very well known in the SaaS world saying that he was interested in potentially buying Podtrics from me.

As to why I turned down the offer for further discussion, it is actually really simple, I have a vision for Podtrics. I know where the product is today, and I know where I want to see the product years from now. And I am not ready to give that up yet.

I am extremely flattered by the fact that Dan was interested in potentially buying Podtrics from me, but it also serves as a massive point of validation that I am on to something with Podtrics. I do not know what exactly comes next on this journey, but I am excited to see where I end up.